“TEREM – Ivaylo” EOOD, Veliko Tarnovo is an enterprise with nearly seventy years of history, with a decisive contribution to the improvement of the country's defense capability and with long-lasting traditions in the production of civil products.

In 1952, on the basis of Order No. 79/02.04. of the Chief of the Artillery Armament Department within the Ministry of National Defense, preparations began for the relocation of the Artillery Base - Sofia to the area of Veliko Tarnovo.

The beginning of the long history of the enterprise was set in 1953, when the relocation of division 80740 - Sofia to Veliko Tarnovo was announced by MZ-0276 dated August 21st, 1953. On the same day the first guard was appointed with the officer on duty Georgi Yankov. Thus the newly formed unit began its production activity – with many difficulties and a number of problems in building the infrastructure, mastering new industries, mastering the repair of various weapons systems, the introduction of new processes. It started with 10-15 buildings, where artillery material part, small arms, optical instruments were repaired; ZIP was produced. From the very beginning, the managers understood that the development of the plant depended on the qualification of the personnel and started training and self-training. For this purpose, the company formed its own training center, which created conditions to build a trained and cohesive team. During the period from 1953 to 1964, significant progress was made.

At the beginning of 1964 in the area of the Artillery Base in Veliko Tarnovo two independent subdivisions were established - "Central Armament Repair Base" with the military post number 90620 and "Specialized Armament Depot" retaining the military post number 80740, and under the Ministerial Decree No. 118/1960 preparations began for the conversion of subdivision 90620 from budgetary support to a business account. This made it necessary to study and further develop, in accordance with the specifics of production and repair, the normative documents concerning production and financial activity, organization and management, planning, pricing policy, etc.

By the decision of the Council of Ministers No. 322/14.10.1964 the subdivision went on a peacetime economic account, but maintained facilities and resources for the interests of the defense of the country under the wartime plan. During this period, the expansion of production areas, the modernization of equipment and the introduction of new technologies continued.

In 1965, under the decision of the Council of Ministers No. 528, the Department of Military Repair Bases and Plants was formed by Ministerial Order No. 00333 of 9 October, and sub. 90620 passed to its subordination as 147 Artillery Technical Repair Plant - Veliko Tarnovo. The Minister of Defense approved the regulations for the structure and operation of the management, enabling the development and production of civilian products for the domestic market and for export. In this connection, in the following years, along with the increase in the nomenclature of the repaired products, the production of a number of new products for civil use - fire extinguisher "Tetra-2", water-foamed fire extinguisher "Foam-10" – was mastered, accumulator boxes, radio alarm receivers, Baltika reduction valve, Yantra and Gorin gas boilers, thyristor pulse rectifier, Ogosta gyroscopic navigation device and many others.
The autumn of 1968 was memorable for the plant, with the opening by the Chief of the General Staff of the BNA - Colonel General Atanas Semerdjiev of the so-called  Second District with new sections for repair of special armament. This creates a prerequisite for training of officers and workers in missile technology in MAS - Shumen.

In the competition between the plants of the UVRBZ, it receives the transitional red flag.

In 1969, by a decree of the Presidium of the National Assembly, the 90620 unit was renamed the Ivaylo Electro-Mechanical Plant, and in the same year it was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor.  

The development of the plant for the period 1970-1990 is related to the stages by which the armament and equipment of the Bulgarian army was put into operation. During these years, new production facilities were gradually built including the building stock and the technological equipment.

This was the golden age of the plant – the time during which the repair of new samples of AMF, optical and electron-optical instruments, sights and rangefinders, ground and anti-aircraft missile complexes was mastered. The complete development and manufacture of mechanical and electro-bench equipment for the repair of the Volkhov, Dvina and especially Neva ZRKs was carried out. In 1994, the KUB ZRK was acquired, and in 2001, the Rubezh ZRK – both complexes are still in service with the BA.

During this period there were developed and produced, as follows:

1.    Optical and electronic devices for illustrating the teaching process of physics in schools.
2.    Mechanical assemblies for weaving looms.
3.    Interior equipment for passenger coaches for the needs of BDZ.
4.    Radio controlled target /unmanned aerial vehicle/ "Yavor 1". 
5.    Radio control system for ground targets "Yavor 3".
6.    Electronic blocks and assemblies for radar and navigation systems for NPC "Cherno More", Varna. Varna.
7. Production of hydraulic and electronic equipment for base station /cabin/ of radar "Kaliakra", joint development with "Elektron Progress" and "Balkankar Progress", Sofia for the needs of Navy.
8. Production of power supply unit for radio station P-123.
9. Production of electronic blocks for color TV sets "Veliko Tarnovo" series for KRTA "Resprom" V. Tarnovo.
10. Production of the electronic part of the radio transceiver "Dunav" for 120 mm mine.
11. Self-pulling crane with remote electric control "Everest."
12.  Flexible bus information control system "MAGIUS" – a joint development with "Scientific Research Institute of Semiconductor Engineering" – Sofia

In 1987, began (experimental model) one of the large-scale production of the self-propelled mortar "Tundzha” (experimental model), which anti-recoil devices were developed and implemented together with the Department of Artillery Armament of the then VNVAU in the town of  Shumen

The plant produces as training aids barrels for 100 mm tank gun, 122 mm gun 2A31 of SAU 2S1. In 1988, the production of an auxiliary barrels for the 125 mm tank gun 2A46 on the T72 tank began; they operates using the tank's full automatics.

Along with the democratic changes the restructuring of the Bulgarian Armed Forces came; the EMZ "Ivaylo" was renamed to Armament Repair Plant "Ivaylo" by the Ministerial Order No. 0051/1991.  In this period, due to the changes in the country's military doctrine and the reduction of state orders for the repair of armaments and equipment, it was necessary to develop a rehabilitation program to increase the share of civilian production and a powerful entry into domestic and foreign markets in order to fully utilize production capacities and human resources, and a marketing working group was established.

By the Order of the Council of Ministers No. 18 of 17.04.1998, issued on the basis of Article 17(2) of the Law on Transformation and Privatization of State and Municipal Enterprises in conjunction with Article 159 (2) of the Commercial Law and Article 4(3) of the Commercial Law of the Regulations on the Procedures for exercising the property rights of state in enterprises, the Military Industry Management - Sofia is transformed into a sole joint stock company with state property “TEREM” EAD with eleven branches in Plovdiv, Dobrich, Vratsa, Provadia, Targovishte, Varna, Veliko Tarnovo, Bozhurishte, Kostenets, Razgrad and Sozopol. The newly formed company “TEREM” EAD takes over the assets and liabilities of the "Military Industry" Department and its subordinate subdivisions – military repair plants as of the day of the company's entry in the commercial register. The rights of the State as the sole owner of the capital of the established “TEREM” EAD shall be exercised by the Minister of Defense. 
On the basis of the aforementioned order, the military repair plant in Veliko Tarnovo was separated into a branch of “TEREM” EAD. The registration of “TEREM” EAD – Veliko Tarnovo branch in the Commercial Register of Veliko Tarnovo District Court was carried out by the Decision of 26.10.1998 in company case 1376/1998.

Since then, as a consequence of the restructuring of the Bulgarian army and the formation of large quantities of surplus armaments and the ratification of conventions for the reduction of armaments, a new hitherto unknown activity called Utilization (destruction of armaments) began at the plant.

“TEREM – Ivaylo” EOOD, Veliko Tarnovo and the specialists in the company, with rich experience gained from their previous activities in the field of repair, have managed to cope with the utilization of armament and ammunition since 1998.
By Order of the Minister of Defense No. ZTD - 36 of 23.06.2004, issued on the basis of Article 262o, paragraph 2 and paragraph 4 in conjunction with Article 262c, paragraph 1, Article 262t, paragraph 2 of the Commercial Act and Article 12, item 1 and item 12, Annex 3 of the Regulations on the Procedures for exercising the rights of state in commercial companies with state participation in the Capital, article 15(1), item 12.3 of the Articles of Association of “TEREM” EAD and Permission of the Privatization Agency No. 92.00.07-1000 dated 25.05.2004, a decision was made to transform “TEREM” EAD by separating nine sole limited liability companies, whereby “TEREM” EAD - Veliko Tarnovo branch was closed and “TEREM – Ivaylo” EOOD was established. 

By decision of 21.07.2004 under company case No. 847/2004 the Veliko Tarnovo District Court entered the company “TEREM – Ivaylo” EOOD in the Register of Commercial Companies.

According to the entries made in the Commercial Register in company case No. 847/2004 at Veliko Tarnovo District Court, the Company is entered in the Commercial Register, reg. 1, volume 15, page 82, lot No 7 with the following business activity: "Carrying out of basic and medium repairs and production of military equipment, weapons, ammunition and other military technical property, equipment, apparatus and machinery, which are carried out after obtaining and maintaining a valid proper permit – license; management of movable and immovable property – private state property, import, export; advertising, marketing; engineering, development and improvement of special and civil production; services, technical assistance and training, as well as any other activity, any other activity not prohibited by law or any other regulatory act, with the exception of foreign trade transactions involving arms, explosives, ammunition and/or goods and technologies with possible dual use, within the meaning of the Defense-Related Products and Dual-Use Items and Technologies Export Control Act and/or the Law on Weapons, Ammunition, Explosives and Pyrotechnic Articles." 
According to the constitutive documents and the entries in the Commercial Register, the sole owner of all the shares of the capital of “TEREM – Ivaylo” EOOD is “TEREM” EAD Sofia, registered under company case 8410/1998 in the inventory of Sofia City Court. 

Despite the repeated change of the name, the business activity has not changed – and to this day, the two main areas of work at “TEREM – Ivaylo” EOOD are: Repair and production of military and special products and production of civil products.

The Business Programs developed for the company's activities in recent years reflect the management's aspiration for further economic development as a business entity and prosperity, with the aim of maintaining and even increasing the potential for repair of armaments and equipment ensuring the combat readiness of the BA and the defense of the country on the one hand and on the other – meeting the needs of customers and filling the existing market niches through the manufactured products for civil use.

On October 5, 2001 “TEREM – Ivaylo” EOOD was solemnly awarded by a representative of Germanische Lloyd - Hamburg, certificate No. QS-2362HH for compliance of the quality management system with the requirements of BDS EN ISO 9001.

The possession of this certificate is a guarantee for the provision of adequate resources to meet the set objectives, namely:

constant awareness of consumer interest and striving to satisfy it as fully as possible;

providing the demanding customer with the functional, practical and reliable products they want;

design, manufacture and delivery of the manufactured products and execution of the repair work within the time specified by the customer.

Convinced that the quality of production is determined by the quality of organization, the company's management has always relied on constantly developing specialists willing to reach quality in all aspects of the activity – from product conception to production, sales and service.

Unfortunately, the relative share of government procurements has been declining significantly in recent years.

The production for the MoD, formed on the basis of the allocated limits, is extremely insufficient to load the production and repair capacities on the one hand, and on the other – to provide minimum employment of the main highly qualified specialists in the repair of armaments and equipment. 

The overall activity is planned and carried out on the basis of thorough research and good marketing activity with the help of the established computer network for coordination, control and management of the business process, enabling flexible management and making adequate management decisions for the stability and prosperity of the company.




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